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Scripts in programming are easy and fast coded software pieces used as "glue" that tied different applications together. medtool manages such scripts including their parameters and the entire work flow, such as a provenance system. The software consists of a graphical user interface (GUI) and a suite of single scripts. The primary intention of medtool is a fully automated generation and evaluation of simulation models based on 3D image data. Also many other functionalities are included like material homogenization, interfaces to VTK/ITK as well as finite element solvers (ABAQUS, Optistruct/Nastran, Calculix, FEAP, ParOSol), post-processing tools, 3D printing solutions, plug-in possibilities, etc. The following presentation gives a comprehensive overview and the tutorials allow a quick "step in" to the mode of operation of medtool.

For a download access and further informations about medtool please write an email to office[at]dr-pahr.at.